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Replacement Information

When it’s time to think about replacement

The good thing about replacing any of these items is the fact that your home will most likely increase in value and operate more efficiently down the road.

As you might imagine, replacing major components in your home is a messy process. Whether you’re thinking about replacing windows, doors, roofing or installing new siding, it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time when a bit of upheaval is acceptable.

It’s exciting to go through the process, too. Replacing windows or a roof, or adding new siding provide an opportunity to make some big changes in your home’s curb appeal. If you own an older home, updating any of these elements with modern, fashionable alternatives can make your home seem almost new.

A little help makes it more fun

Even if you’ve gone through this process before, you’re very likely to find that it can all be quite overwhelming. Homeowners have never had as many technical options related to efficiency and performance. New materials, new engineering add to the dizzying array of colors and styles.

The fastest way to narrow your choices is to ask for a little help. We’ve got selection tools that can guide you through the maze of options in terms of price, efficiency and materials. That will at least get you to the point where you can start having fun with color and design.

This service is always free and, truth be told, it’s fun for us, too!

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    Andy & Sara Bertelsen
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    We recently had all new windows installed by your company and we could not be happier!... Read More

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    Jim & Tami Liljequist
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    Dear Tri-State,
    I recently had my roof done by your company and I am so pleased with the... Read More

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    Ann Allee
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    Dear Dana, Andy and the Tri-State family,
    When I was trying to think of someone to help... Read More

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    Sally Adams
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