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Sally Adams

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Dear Dana, Andy and the Tri-State family,
When I was trying to think of someone to help me with the commitment to have a paid table at this year's event, Dana immediately came to mind! I couldn't think of a better person for the role of hostess and I knew with her responsibilities at Tri-State, she would completely understand the challenges of hosting others and running an event. Dana, thank you so much for not only agreeing to host and fill the table, but for going above and beyond by working with Andy to secure Tri-State to match those efforts. As if that wasn't more than enough, you two kept going with a donation for the auction AND THEN continued to get those you both feel would be excellent friends for the Center to join you.

I really could not be more blessed with the support of the amazing friends in my life. Both of you, Tri-State, and I am sure many of those attending as your guests at the event are proof that people who care can and do make a difference. I really cannot say thank you enough for your support, not only for me, but of the Center and our mission to strengthen our community's response to child abuse through prevention, intervention and advocacy. I am consistently amazed by the generosity of others to give to the cause to fight child abuse even when they are not facing it personally or seeing it like we are at the Center every week. I recently interviewed a two year old little girl. Later that week I interviewed a 16 year old boy who has spent the past few years in a detention facility due to violent behavior, who disclosed he was abused by a male family member when he was only eight. I just want each of you to know that your efforts truly will ensure the Center can continue to open its doors and serve children with stories and memories that are far too similar to the two I just shared with you.

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Sally Adams

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